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Why Hong Kong is the Buzzing Destination in Asia

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What’s all fuss about Hong Kong is it that good a place, as people claim?

“Asia’s world city” is the prime destination for people looking to settle, and those who just want an ideal getaway. And if you don’t believe it, check the flights from Frankfurt to Hong Kong, you’ll baffle, at how the numbers are growing.

In this article, you’ll find out why the city is making headlines in the travel industry, and how you can join in the fun too.

The Food

The best way to capture people’s hearts is through their stomachs, and the residents of Hong Kong, know this all too well. A quick stroll around the city and you’ll come across food joints serving the best local cuisines.

The best dishes in the city include seafood and a local delicacy known as dim sum. They prepare it with such a meticulous touch, sure to leave your taste buds craving for more. Aside from the local dishes, you can also get a taste of some of the best international cuisines or specially prepared meals, just for you.

The City’s Festivals

There’s no party like a Hong Kong festival. In fact, it’s a city that embraces both local and international festivities every year.

Christmas and the New-Year are some of the highlights that you may not want to miss. During this time, most of the skyscrapers are full of symphony lights and decorations that set you in the mood for the holidays.

You can also get to experience the unique Chinese festivals that happen every so often, filled with glam and decor.

Its Diverse Culture

Most people think that Asians have a way of life different from the rest of the world. While that might be true for others, the case is different in Hong Kong. In fact, this town has a way of incorporating almost every culture in the world.

For the western people, you can still enjoy a good cup of hot espresso coffee in the morning while catching up with the latest news. While those that prefer their tea, hot cocoa, or anything else can get it.

Additionally, some of the locals speak fluent English, and the street names are also recorded in an easy to understand language. You will never feel like an outsider, in the streets of Hong Kong.

The Enchanting Places to Visit

If the only mental picture you have of Hong Kong is the busy streets, with more people than you can count, then you need to think again.  There’s a lot more to this city than just skyscrapers and congested markets.

In fact, two-thirds of the city is mountains and national park forests. You can go for nature walks, or trail rides and experience the greener fun side of Hong Kong with your loved ones.

And after an intense day of exploring, you can unwind and relax at the beach. Yes, there are exquisite islands, both public and private, where you can just sit by the shores and watch the beautiful sunset.

It’s Easy to Move around the City

What’s surprising about Hong Kong is the efficiency at which people move from one place to another, despite the huge population. Mostly, you have the MTR and the Star Ferry, to thank for that.

The MTR is the longest subway system in the world that cuts across to most parts of the city. And the best part is that it’s so clean and you can eat while inside.

The Star Ferry isn’t too shabby either, while on it, you get the best view of the city and also have a once in a lifetime experience.

It’s a Shopping Paradise

Apart from exquisite food and scenery, Hong Kong is also revered as a hub for shopaholics. Stores and Malls here, sell some of the best clothes, ornaments, and tech across the globe. And if you’re lucky enough to visit during the sales season, you’ll get unimaginable discounts for various items.

Visa-Free 90-180 days

You read that right. Visitors from Canada, Australia, America, New Zealand, and other EU countries get a 90-day visa-free trip to the city. Additionally, visitors from the United Kingdom get a 180 free visit.

To wrap it up

Hong Kong is and will be a preferred destination for travelers worldwide, now and even the years to come. Set a date to visit this magnificent town and experience the other side of life.