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Travel Guide for Muay Thai Training Camp at Phuket in Thailand for Weekend

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If you want a fitness-inspired vacation, then learning Muay Thai on vacations is the best option. It is said that Muay Thai was originated in Thailand and has been practiced there for decades. Muay Thai holidays are entirely different from typical vacations. In these vacations, you will come home in better shape than before the vacations. Muay Thai camps are located at different locations in Thailand, and you have to choose by considering different factors. Muay Thai camp is a new travel experience.

Muay Thai Camp

Muay Thai camp is not like ordinary camps. It is like a resort where everything is available for a perfect holiday. You can enjoy comfortable accommodation, meals, scenery, and Muay Thai training there. Most of the camps offer different packages in which you can enjoy everything.

Pick The Right Camp

Choosing the right camp is very important. You have to consider different factors while selecting the right destination for you.

  • The seriousness of the trainer and attendees.
  • Your budget.
  • The view of the area.
  • The duration of the training.
  • The level of training you want.
  • The luxuries you want to enjoy.
  • Whether you want weight loss or you want to know boxing.

Choose the camp by checking the reviews and feedbacks of previous trainees. These reviews can help you to know about everything in detail.

Affordable Luxury Hotel

You can also choose luxurious hotels for your Muay Thai training. For some people who also want to enjoy the comfort of the vacation while training Muay Thai, a luxury hotel is best. These hotels are affordable, and you enjoy all luxuries. These hotels give Muay Thai training in the hotel gym.

If you choose the right location, then you can go to other places at weekends. In Thailand, you can find many ancient and religious places that you can visit. You can also go to different hotels to enjoy Thai food.

Visit Muay Thai Stadium

There are boxing stadiums in Thailand too. You can go to these stadiums to see how the professionals perform different techniques and fight smoothly. You can also see how Muay Thai is performed. Both the fighters have to wear the Mongkon. A ritual dance is also performed before the fight. Then the fight will start with traditional music.

Enjoy The Festivals

With proper fitness, you will also get to know about the Thai culture closely. All the trainees who go to Thailand to learn Muay Thai should go to Wai Kru Muay Thai Festival. At this festival, all the Muay Thai boxers from all around the world come and fight in the ring.

This way, you will get to know how fighters from all around the world perform Muay Thai. Different rituals are also committed to showing respect to the masters, like traditional Thai tattoo done by hand.

Phuket Island

Phuket city is the best option if you want to learn Muay Thai with the best trainers and with a perfect view. You can enjoy the fascinating view of the beach after taking the Muay Thai training class. Muay Thai club at Phuket Island is a good choice for your travel in weekend.   Because Phuket Island have many beautiful beaches and activities for tourist.  Then many people come to Phuket to train Muay Thai and holiday.


Choosing the right location for Muay Thai training can add more fun to your vacations. You can explore new things and new traditions if you go to Thailand for Muay Thai training. Don’t forget to check at Phuket Island.