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There’s More to Snow and Skiing – Activities for Winter Holidays

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Winter may be time to slumber in bed for some people, but for me, it is a fantastic time to enjoy and discover the beauties of nature. The floor covered in snow, the cool breeze touching your skin, beautiful landscapes and magical quiet nights make winters the perfect time to explore around. However, people sometimes relate winter activities solely to skiing or heli-skiing in Canada or Alaska, which, quite honestly, is not the only option available. Thus, even if you are a non-skiing person, congratulations because this article includes a lot of fun activities that can make your winters memorable and enjoyable.

Fun activities for Winter Holidays:

There are multiple fun activities for winter holidays that you can look forward to. However, you must keep your health intact while enjoying winters. You must not overlook physical and mental exercises because these are much needed to enjoy the chilling cold of the year. If you are on any medication like that of add medicine or any other, you must observe prescribed routine regularly so that these activities may help you cherish the beauty of winters and make you relish the beauties of nature. So, pull off your blankets and get ready to have fun these winters!

Sleigh ride to enjoy beautiful landscapes:

Thinking of activity for a non-skier, the first thing that clicks my mind is enjoying a romantic ride in a sleigh that is pulled by reindeer, horses or dogs. Handling a sledge with a team of trained huskies is readily available by several companies. You can enjoy the beautiful landscapes and stay overnight in an igloo or tent to experience the beauty of aurora flitting across the sky. You can stay out to enjoy the Northern Lights brightening up the atmosphere and create memories that last forever.


Another entertaining activity for non-skiers and even skiers is snowshoeing. This activity does not need any expertise, yet, it does demand a good pair of snowshoes that help you walk in the snow with ease without sinking into the snowdrifts. I will also recommend Eva Foam Snowshoes because of its perfect structure designed essentially for snowshoeing. Unlike ordinary snowshoes, the Eva Foam snowshoes are designed everyone from beginners to experts. The shoes are also incredibly lightweight and very comfortable for the owner. Thus, even if you are a beginner, Eva Foam shoes can support you and make snowshoeing easy and exciting for you.


These lightweight, cushioned and comfortable shoes are amazing even for beginners.


Makes your outdoor winter experience enjoyable.


Crescent Moon’s Eva foam snowshoes will improve your balance and gear you up for the snowshoeing

Trips to Safari and Adventure Parks:

One of the most fun activities to do is to set a trip off to an adventure park or safari trip. These trips are particularly more liked by kids and families, enabling them to have fun family time together. However, there are other activities offered for adults, including climbing walls, rope courses, swings, hiking etc. You can also visit a safari park and look for the wildlife there.

Ice Fishing:

Moreover, winters also provide one an opportunity of ice fishing. A lake that is frozen on the top but water under the layer is commonly seen in winters. Drilling a little through this solid top, you can enjoy ice fishing with your family or friends. However, ice fishing needs proper permission by local authorities. If you are lucky enough, you can catch fish and enjoy campfire with hot beverage and barbecue.

Ice-hockey and Ice-skating:

Other fun sports include ice-skating or ice-hockey, both of which needs practice and interest. You can also join Canada’s Rockies who take a road trip for ten days on the northern belt to enjoy flavors of winters. However, if you have a calm and quiet nature, you may want to put the effort in winter photography and capture the real beauty of snow. You may also want to cozy up in your blanket with a mug of coffee and read books. What’s more? You can add a spa treatment to your list and make your winters worth remembering.

Enjoy the winters:

Last but not least, you must enjoy the calmness of the weather around you. Take some time off your monotonous routine and look at the wonders of winter around you. So, besides having fun and adventures, take some time out and dwell into the peacefulness of your surroundings, feel the warmth of your sweater and revive the beauty of winters around