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A Complete Travel Guide for Muay Thai Program in Thailand and Weekend

There is nothing better than getting Muay Thai training program in Thailand. If you do not want to sit idle during vacation and do something productive while enjoying the holiday, then Muay Thai is the best choice. Now you can find Muay Thai training camps in your country, but in Thailand, you will get to know other things along with Muay Thai. But you have to do some preparations before going for training. Here are the things that you should consider while going for Muay Thai training in Thailand.

Choose the Right Camp

There are two types of Muay Thai camps in Thailand. One camp is only for professionals. The other camps are for both professionals and beginners. If you do not have any experience of Muay Thai, then get yourself registered in the camp that offers training for beginners.

The location of the camp is another important factor while choosing the right for yourself. Almost all the Muay Thai camps are located at good locations to increase tourism. Like if you want to enjoy Muay Thai training on a beach with amazing scenery, then Muay Thai camp on Phuket Island is the best option.

Choose the Right Training Program

There is a variety of training programs of Muay Thai, even for beginners. If you are getting Muay Thai training for weight loss and fitness, then choose a less intense program. Even if you are a beginner, you have to get training of 2 to 3 hours daily.

It is best to get your training at your own pace. Most people get sick after getting intense training, and they cannot enjoy their vacations as well.

Living Expenses

You do not have to worry about living expenses as you can choose accommodation according to your budget. There are many cheap hotels in Thailand with good services and their expensive hotels too with all desired luxuries.

If you want to get training, then you can also stay in the Muay Thai training camp. This way you will get to know other people too who are from other countries or cultures.

Enjoy the Food And Culture

The Thai food is just amazing. Do not forget to taste the Thai street food. There is a huge variety of street food, and every single dish is delicious. The food in Thailand is extremely affordable.

There are different festivals in Thailand, and you must go to these festivals to know the Thai culture closely. There are many religious places in Thailand, and you can also visit these places.


You might be thinking about how you will visit all the tourist spots in Thailand. There are taxis in Thailand, or you can also rent a scooter. Rent a scooter on weekends and visit any place you want. Thailand streets are filled with these scooters. Thai People are extremely friendly, and they will guide you about routes if you cannot find a place.


Getting Muay Thai training program in Thailand at Suwit Muay Thai will help you to explore new things. You will get to know a completely different culture, people, and places along with getting fit. It can be your perfect vacation.