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Joshua Lanzinger
Toledo municipal court judge

"It’s good to see the kids of today doing mock-trial competitions. It’s a lot of fun."
Carol Van Zile
Taekwondo instructor

"So 27 years later, because of ninja turtles, I’m doing taekwondo."
Anita Lopez
Lucas County Auditor

"I think they may have mishandled it, which caused these citizens to be stuck."

Kevin Haddad
Kevin Haddad Design Group

"He was struggling. I knew that. You go through the good and the bad."
Steve Swaggerty
Northview principal

"We’re going more now than in the past to raise money privately."
Sam Sander
Scholarship recipient

"In the middle of my interview I was riding a unicycle and juggling. They were impressed."

Michael Sarantou

"We wanted to do something good for the community."
Michael Chou
Harmony Partners

"A lot of people are concerned with not doing grunt work anymore."
Pat Sayre
Northview coach

"It’s a good test at this point in the season. ... We just have to hit some more shots."

Judd Silverman
Marathon Classic tournament director

"Our board did not hesitate to make a contribution to the renovation project."
Dr. Daniel Cassavar
ProMedica Physicians

"We’ve taken an initiative to put up urgent care centers. What it does is improve our access."
Jeff Kowalski
Sylvania Township fire chief

"We want to put our transport unit into service to augment the private carriers."

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