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John Zeitler
Olander Park System commissioner

"Olander Park has a good representation with voters ... and I want to keep up support...."
Tim Hurst
Northview grad/Alaska teacher

"I genuinely care about these people, and I’d really miss the kids if I left."
Jennifer Kuns
Sylvania Country Club Marketing Director

"We have already seen more traffic this fall. Our members are spreading the word for us."

Brad Rieger
Sylvania Schools superintendent

"During times of tight budgets ... sharing facilities is what needs to be done."
The Rev. Joseph Hara
First Christian Church of Sylvania

"Bad times is sometimes a blessing in order to experience the good things ..."
Katie Cappellini
Sylvania Slow Ryders

"The beauty is that anyone can ride. You can just grab your bike and go."

Laura Glover
Sylvania Area Chamber of Commerce

"... it is the perfect spot to showcase Sylvania and host a concert."
Jon Haynes
Northview boys soccer coach

"In the end, we did enough to win the game. Unfortunately, it had to be in dramatic fashion ..."
Susan Wood
Sylvania Twp. asst. admin

"Some people in our work force never get a physical. We want them to know their numbers."

Saraa El-Assir
Sylvania Southview student

"I just want to cheer him up. I told him to keep his head up, and stay positive."
Pat Nowak
Sylvania Area Chamber of Commerce

"It would be a place people would gravitate towards ... creating a vibrant area."
Dani Fuller

"... When we all come together we can do something really big."