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Kevin Aller
Sylvania Director of Public Service

"The right-hand turn movement [on King Rd.] was rated an E, which obviously isn't very good."
Mary Westphal
Sylvania City Council president

"What we are looking at is basically a balanced budget ..."
Jacob Fisher
Timberstone Jr. High student

"I lined up [in the backfield] and got the ball and ran down the sideline."

Gabe Ng
Owner of Spacebar

"Everyone loved the [Wi-Fi] idea and businesses wanted to participate."
Dave Simko
Sylvania Twp. fiscal officer

"I’m disappointed citizens in the city of Sylvania were disenfranchised."
Doug Downing
Northview football coach

"Our goal is to be 5-5. They haven’t had a winning season here in a long time."

Aerin West
Northview soccer player

"We have a good attitude to be playing our best soccer now."
Marios Kamilaras
Northview soccer player

"It was a team effort. This three-peat is great."
Alvin K. Dickson
World War II Veteran

"The first Legion of Honor was presented by Napoleon. So now I am a knight of the Legion of"

Jennifer Kuns
Sylvania Country Club Marketing Director

"We have already seen more traffic this fall. Our members are spreading the word for us."
Jack Thompson
Denny's co-owner

"It’s a family area, and Denny’s is a family restaurant."
Tahir Whitehead
Detroit Lions linebacker

"I feed off their energy and [the youngsters] feed off my energy."

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