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Jon Haynes
Northview boys soccer coach

"In the end, we did enough to win the game. Unfortunately, it had to be in dramatic fashion ..."
Susan Wood
Sylvania Twp. asst. admin

"Some people in our work force never get a physical. We want them to know their numbers."
Saraa El-Assir
Sylvania Southview student

"I just want to cheer him up. I told him to keep his head up, and stay positive."

Pat Nowak
Sylvania Area Chamber of Commerce

"It would be a place people would gravitate towards ... creating a vibrant area."
Dani Fuller

"... When we all come together we can do something really big."
Doug Kearns
Yark Automotive Group

"Because [the used car] supply is increasing, you’re seeing prices ease a little bit."

Craig Stough
Sylvania Mayor

"I believe a regional water authority is the proper path ..."
Sophia Howard
National champion archer

"But I found out I like shooting in tournaments — I actually shoot better ... under pressure."
Sister Janet Doyle
Administrator, Sylvania Franciscan Village

"We are trying to eliminate plastic cups and water bottles, cold turkey."

Mary Westphal
Sylvania Councilman

"We want to make sure we have the facts straight about the water emergency ..."
Kevin Aller
Sylvania Service Director

"If Toledo had one bad sample then their whole system is contaminated."
Jeff Langenderfer
Sylvania Area Community Improvement Corp.

"Downtown owners may want to make improvements, but may not be able to finance it."