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Patrick Andres
Sports Illustrated Kid Reporter

"I’ve learned that it’s not easy being a sportswriter ... But it’s really rewarding."
Preston Due
Sylvania Northivew pitcher

"The fastball, it took me a while to find it, but toward the end it was a lot better."
Tom Dimit
Tasteful Trolley owner

"For me (baking) is a very intimate expression."

Claire Coder
2015 Distinguished Young Woman of Ohio

"After I performed my talent ... I just found my passion for public speaking ..."
Erika Buri
Director, Olander Park System

"Even on a bad weather day, [the fishing derby is] an opportunity for everybody to get outside ."
Jon Monheim
Northview teacher, Perrysburg resident

"I've run a lot of marathons, but [Boston] was definitely a unique experience."

Tony Nickolite
Southview graduate

"It is great for disabled people to still be able to get out and hunt."
Dominik Konik
Northview graduate, Student Painters

"Even taking business classes, there is only so much you can learn in the classroom ..."
Cindy Taylor
Mother Adelaide Award winner

"I really appreciated that I was being aligned with Mother Adelaide’s great qualities."

Aaron Myers
Southview baseball assistant coach

"We look to compete for a league title ... and get better each day."
Laura Megeath
Appold Planetarium

"[The program is] a combination of the beautiful images that Hubble has given us ..."
Timothy Harrington
The Ability Center of Greater Toledo

"When we first started this program, every move was a success for us."

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