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Mike Jones
Northview hockey coach

"They’ve had some recent success and hope to build off that ..."
Veronica Mora
Toledo chapter of Gold Star Wives of America

"This organization provides the comfort that lets us know that we are not alone."
John Pristash
Sylvania Joint Recreation District

"In 27 hours, [Tam-O-Shanter] will look like magic, guaranteed."

Jim Nusbaum
President, Sylvania School Board

"To attract and retain [talented people] you have to act responsible for wages."
Anita Sanchez-Serda
Sylvania Area Family Services

"If I could stand behind one girl and show she has value, that would accomplish a lot."
Courtney Gilliland
Lourdes University student

"And once you're on Broadway you've made it."

Brittaney Cymbolin
Northview girls basketball coach

"One of our goals is to beat Perrysburg, not just once but twice."
David FitzSimmons
Nature Photographer

"[Children should] learn what’s around them, feel comfortable with it, and enjoy it."
Dan Greenberg
Sylvania Educators Assoc.

"It’s been a long time. We worked out a 2-year [pay increase] deal, which is big for us."

Kendall Jessing
Northview senior

"I think we’re all blessed to have the opportunity we have right now."
Ben Slomski
Korean War veteran

"There are no words that can tell you how I feel. All the kids, it’s magnificent."
Jaimee Augustyniak
Northview 'Game of Life' player

"I’ll be eating at Mancy’s every night."