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Karie Nordland
Toledo Police Department

"It was great to bring awareness to Special Olympics and show support from law enforcement."
Andi Erbskorn
Sylvania Historical Village

"People have loved coming in and seeing the artifacts, reading about baseball."
Chuck Barchick
Sylvania resident

"I’m not against development. I am for what’s best for the city of Sylvania."

Joanna Hinton

"There’s just something that lights up with the possibility of sparking kids’ imagination."
Jason Mishka
Sylvania councilman

"They like what cycling offers, and they are trying to share that with other people."
Pallavi Lanka
Southview valedictorian

"When people say it takes a village to raise a child, they’re right. Thank you."

Tom Oswald
Sylvania Mower Center

"People should consider how large the yard is and how much grass you are mowing."
Austin Nemire
ARCA Series driver

"Having experience in racing, and racing at Toledo Speedway, that’s going to help."
Mark Luetke
City Council

"In a perfect world, this is the way government should work every time."

Tom Grzywinski
Sylvania Country Club

"To have influence upon kids is great. The truth is I’m good at this."
Jennifer Archer
Sylvania Community Arts Commission

"It just takes one piece of art to have an answer. "
Kevin Aller
City public service director

"It will be towards the end of the year before we go out for bids for that project."

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