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Joe Shamy
Sylvania Schools

"I’m very happy with how my team responded to the recall. It was fantastic."
Craig Stough
Sylvania mayor

"They’re bringing a lot more energy, vitality, and visitors to our downtown."
Rae Betz
Red Bird Arts District

"It was a good opportunity to get people out riding bikes together."

Joni Meyer-Crothers
Sylvania parent

"Knowing they aren't returning to school definitely gives me peace."
Jemma Abowd
Sylvania parent

"She has always been an artist. I’m also excited that she’ll help promote recycling."
Charlie Oswanski
Toledo-Lucas County Public Library

"This thing has been in the works since 1975. There’s been updates to those studies."

Jerry Sigler
Former Northview girls basketball coach

"The satisfaction now comes from seeing those players and their families."
Judd Silverman
Marathon Classic tournament director

"A huge step up for the tournament. Really what it means is more national exposure."
Julie Hoffman
School board president

"The pressure these kids put on themselves to achieve, it’s unbelievable."

Dave Wisniewski

"I was kind of born into that. All the old cowboy shows started around that same time."
Sister Shannon Schrein
Lourdes University

"I’m kind of a worker bee, so they tap me all the time to get jobs done."
Craig Stough
Sylvania Mayor

"We need to make water an economic development asset, not the liability it is now."

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