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Ken Katafias
Sylvania Recreation Corp. manager

"It was [a] privilege and honor to serve the Sylvania community."
Amanda Ogren
McCord Jr. High assistant principal

"We are even teaching the youngsters how to respect devices. If we start little, it will become"
Erika Buri
Olander Park System director

"Once my husband accepted a ... position at [UT], I thought about the next steps for my career."

Greg Reitz
Lourdes men's volleyball coach

"If we go out there and compete and give ourselves a chance, we've got a chance to advance."
Camden Buescher
St. John's Jesuit soccer player

"All the [Pacesetter] coaches have been a big help. My ultimate dream would be to go overseas"
Jeremy Bigelow
Former Sylvania resident

"No one is going to tell me ‘no’ that I can’t get out of this chair."

Timothy Burns
Sylvania zoning administrator

"The majority of the job isn’t dealing with paperwork or permits, but dealing with people."
Brandon Fields
Miami Dolphins punter

"Kids look up to us, whether they (NFL players) like it or not, they see us on TV."
Mark Faber
Laurel Hill Tennis Club

"We scaled down the sport [of tennis] for kids of all ages."

Alan Sattler
Sylvania Area Chamber of Commerce

"This is the biggest turnout we have had yet [for the Showcase Sylvania Expo]."
Craig Stough
Sylvania mayor

"But the number one reason that people come to Sylvania is the quality of the Sylvania school"
Claire Proctor
Exec. Director of Sylvania Community Services

"We are extremely fortunate this building was built specifically to be a senior center."