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Chris Nixon
Element 112 chef

"The menu gets designed around what [the farmers] drop off."
Steve Swaggerty
Sylvania Northview principal

"Our goal is to help kids maximize their potential, find their passion ..."
Jeff Wilbarger
The Daughter Project

"Now there's sex trafficking going on and it's modern day slavery."

Joe Gillen
Sylvania STEM Center

"We hope to just get kids involved in the STEM fields."
Steve Weaver
Charlie's Homemade Pizza

"We use a hand-tossed crust ... That makes ours a little unique around the area."
Joe Shamy
Sylvania Schools food service director

"It’s very exciting, teaching kids how to eat healthier and eat more balanced."

Scott Hudson
Hudson Gallery

"You see a lot of bright colors and sort of an airy feel to a lot of the pieces ..."
Chella Choi
2015 Marathon Classic winner

"First win [took a] really long time. Seven years, so ... I’m really, really happy. "
Sheila Painter
Fan-Attics quilting group

"Not all quilters submit their work to quilt shows. They should."

Lori Vincent
Earth to Oven Bakery in Sylvania

"So I thought [the farmers' market] would be a good outlet to get the word out."
Laura Glover
Sylvania Chamber of Commerce

"[The Marathon Classic] definitely brings more people to the area, which we love."
Karma Vince
Sylvania Schools math teacher

"I try to get students involved in thinking. That’s not always what kids want to do."

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