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Mike McMahon
Sylvania Recreation operations manager

"We had seven great shows that we considered to be home runs last year."
David Livingston
Lourdes University president

"Our faculty and students are excited to learn ... in these new state-of-the-art facilities."
Meira Zucker
Purimspiel performer

"[The Purimspiel] is religious ... and you're very upfront about issues"

Sister Janet Doyle
Franciscan Village administrator

"We want people to take away from this some of the root causes of violence in schools."
Maddie Cole
Northview basketball player

"Pressing really is a key to our offense ..."
Patrick Giammarco
PWG Marketing

"Marketing is the most important system a business can have."

Jeremiah Roberts
Southview basketball player

"Our coach preaches composure and we try to play one possession at a time."
Scott Nelson
Assistant Superintendent

"I’m looking forward to working with everyone collaboratively."
Callie Clark
Lourdes University business student

"They were so gracious to have us there. They were overjoyed to tell us about their country."

Michelle Atkinson
SCAC Yarn Bomb leader

"Olander reached out to us because they are having a winter fest ..."
Charles Oswanski
Toledo-Lucas County Public Library

"There is a demand from our patrons for more quiet spaces ..."
Alvin K. Dickson
World War II Veteran

"The first Legion of Honor was presented by Napoleon. So now I am a knight of the Legion of"

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