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Dan Greenberg
Sylvania Educators Assoc.

"It’s been a long time. We worked out a 2-year [pay increase] deal, which is big for us."
Kendall Jessing
Northview senior

"I think we’re all blessed to have the opportunity we have right now."
Ben Slomski
Korean War veteran

"There are no words that can tell you how I feel. All the kids, it’s magnificent."

Jaimee Augustyniak
Northview 'Game of Life' player

"I’ll be eating at Mancy’s every night."
Emily Vizina
'All Shook Up' dance captain

"There’s a lot of partner work and high energy '50s style dancing."
Jeffrey Kowalski
Sylvania Twp. fire chief

"The guys are elated. It has lifted morale to know the citizens really care about us ..."

Rev. Jim Bacik

"A lot of my teaching has been sharing with others what I was privileged to learn ..."
Karen Pugh
National Center for Nature Photography

"Unless you leave the area, you never walk away from something that meant so much to you."
John Zeitler
Olander Park System commissioner

"Olander Park has a good representation with voters ... and I want to keep up support...."

Tim Hurst
Northview grad/Alaska teacher

"I genuinely care about these people, and I’d really miss the kids if I left."
Jennifer Kuns
Sylvania Country Club Marketing Director

"We have already seen more traffic this fall. Our members are spreading the word for us."
Brad Rieger
Sylvania Schools superintendent

"During times of tight budgets ... sharing facilities is what needs to be done."