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Category: NOTICES


NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that Sealed Bids will be received by the Toledo-Lucas County Port Authority for all labor, material, insurance, and equipment necessary for the Wrangler Drive and Associated Work
project located at Overland Industrial Park in Toledo, Ohio 43610, in accordance with the approved plans and specifications. The engineer’s estimate for the base bid for the project is approximately $1,416,331.32; alternate no. 1 is approximately $876,992.00.

Bids will be received at the Port Authority’s administrative offices at One Maritime Plaza, Toledo, OH 43604 until Wednesday, September 14th, 2016 at 11:00 A.M, at which time and place all bids will be publicly opened and read aloud.

Plans, Specifications, Instructions to Proposers, and Forms of Proposal and Contract are on file and may be obtained by Apex Micrograpics, Inc., 5973 Telegraph Road, Toledo, OH 43612, (419)476-6535 during normal business hours.

Please note that there will be a pre-bid meeting for this project for all prospective bidders on Tuesday, August 30th, 2016, at 3:00 the Toledo - Lucas County Port Authority, One Maritime Plaza, 7th floor, Toledo, OH 43604. Attendance is mandatory. Please submit all questions to the Port Authority, Gilda Mitchell at by Friday, September 9th, 2016 at 4:30 p.m. local time. Additional information can be found at

Toledo-Lucas County Port Authority
Paul L. Toth, Jr., P.E., President & CEO

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Notice to all interested parties,
Category: NOTICES

Description: Notice to all interested parties, to satisfy liens as of date of sale, the following Stop ‘N Lock storage units will be sold at public auction at Leonard’s Auction Service 6350 Consear Rd, Ottawa Lake, MI 49267 on or after September 14th, 2016 at 6:30 p.m. Auctioneer Richard Leonard. The contents of the units include, but are not limited to: #2033 Kimberly Rogers 4418 Terrace View North Tol, OH: Grill, Lamp, Boxes, Misc. #2020 John E. Cole II 3072 Squirrel Ridge Dr. Columbus, OH 43219: Washer, Dryer, Lamps, Boxes, Misc. #3020 Rodney Marr 2531 Rosedale Tol, OH: Cothes, Furniture, Boxes, Misc. #4031 The Webb Law Centre 716 Lee Street Eat Charleston, WV 25301: Tires. #4045 Floretta White 205 Austin Tol, OH: Chairs, Bags, Table, Misc. #6044 Robert Denko 714 1/2 Chestnut St. Tol, OH: TV, Fan, Misc. #1185 Quineshia Henry 721 Burke Glen Tol, OH: Furniture, Misc. #1118 Kevin Brock 1125 Blum St. Tol, OH: Boxes, File Cabinets, Misc. #3072 Tonisha Ballard 241 Kingswood Trail Tol, OH: TV, Mattress, Fridge, Misc. #6068 Tonisha Ballard 241 Kingswood Trail Tol, OH: Totes, Boxes, Misc.

Stop ‘N Lock Prop III
302 N. Byrne Rd.
Toledo, Ohio 43607

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LEGAL NOTICE Sealed bids will be
Category: NOTICES

Description: LEGAL NOTICE
Sealed bids will be received by the Board of Education for the Toledo Public Schools at the office of the Treasurer, 1609 N. Summit St., Third Floor, Toledo, Ohio 43604, until 10:00 AM, local time, on Monday, September 12, 2016, for the Waite High School Outdoor Basketball Court Project, as described in the Contract Documents prepared by The Collaborative, Inc. Bids will be opened and read immediately afterwards. Bids received after this time will be returned unopened. Submit all questions to architect Rusty Wilke, by phone (419) 242-7405 or email to

Bid information is posted on the TPS website, under Departments, then Business Division.

A pre-bid meeting will be held at 10:00 AM on Tuesday, September 6, 2016 at the site of the proposed outdoor basketball court, located on the grounds of Waite High School, 301 Morrison Dr. Toledo, OH 43605. Bidders are strongly encouraged to attend.

Contract Documents may be ordered online at or they can be obtained from Becker Impressions Inc., 4646 Angola Road, Toledo, Ohio 43615; phone (419) 385-5303 for the cost of the printing to be paid to the printing company at the time the drawings are picked up. Shipping and tax charges are the Bidder’s responsibility and are payable directly to Becker Impressions.

Contract Documents may be viewed online at; or during business hours at Becker Impressions at no charge; during business hours at Builder’s Exchange of Toledo; and during business hours at Toledo Minority Contractors and Business Assistance Program (MCBAP).

All bids must be accompanied by a Bid Guaranty in the form of either a Bid Guaranty and Contract Bond for the full amount of the bid (including all add alternates) or a certified check, cashier’s check, or an irrevocable letter of credit in an amount equal to 10% of the bid (including all add alternates), as described in the Instructions to Bidders.

All Bidders will be required to comply with the Toledo Public Schools Community Inclusion Plan and will be required to pay specified wage rates as provided in the Bid Documents.

No Bidder may withdraw its bid within 60 days after the bid opening. The Board of Education reserves the right to waive irregularities in bids, to reject any or all bids, and to conduct such investigation as necessary to determine the responsibility of a bidder.

Sealed bids will be received for the following bid packages: (Estimate shown)

Bid Package 1 - Waite High School Outdoor Basketball Court Project
Estimate - $53,802.00

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Category: NOTICES

R.C. 2981.05
The public will take notice that on the dates indicated Julia R. Bates, Prosecutor of Lucas County, Ohio filed civil asset forfeiture complaints in the Common Pleas Court of Lucas County, Ohio pursuant to R.C. 2981.05 against the following persons and property:
June 21, 2016 CI16-3291 Michael Merchant 8217 Orangeburg Rd. Maysville KY 41056 $459.00 June 28, 2016 CI16-3315 Terren Church 1708 Parkdale Ave. Toledo OH 43607 $914.00 June 29, 2016 CI16-3333 Vann Prior 428 Torrington Dr. Toledo OH 43615 $560.00 June 30, 2016 CI16-3364 Antonyo Jennings 1029 Hamilton St. Toledo OH 43607 $341.00 July 6, 2016 CI16-3391 Lee Moore 1045 Tecumseh St. Toledo OH 43607 $588.00 CI16-3392 Demetrius Williams 1023 Woodland Ave. Toledo OH 43607 $635.00 CI16-3394 Dontae Johnson 1520 Roosevelt Ave. Toledo OH 43607 $213.00 CI16-3395 Deondre Caston 538 Austin St. Toledo OH 43608 $318.00 CI16-3401 John Murphy, III 846 Colburn St. Toledo OH 43609 Saver Auto Sales 903 N. Westwood Ave. Toledo OH 43607 1999 Pontiac Grand Prix VIN 1G2WP52K4XF350776 CI16-3402 Kurt Pryka 1106 Liberty St. Toledo OH 43605 $384.00 Ci16-3404 Daquan Gray 4034 Asbury Dr. Toledo OH 43612 $2,688.00 CI16-3405 Isadore Casaree 338 Erie St. Adrian MI 49221 $2,290.00 CI16-3406 James Haynes 1120 Palmwood Ave. Toledo OH 43607 $408.00 CI16-3408 Ronnie Davis 48 Birmingham Terrace Toledo OH 43605 $275.00 CI16-3409 Clifton Levesque 2455 Scottwood Ave. Toledo OH 43620 $66.00 July 11, 2016 CI16-3452 Edward Johnson 870 Parkside Blvd. Toledo OH 43607 $155.00 July 12, 2016 CI16-3473 Victor Stubblefield 2529 N. Erie St. Toledo OH 43611 $455.00 CI16-3474 Robert Hines 4487 288th St. Toledo OH 43611 $662.00 CI16-3475 Kevin Patterson 2108 Elliott Ave. Toledo OH 43606 $431.00 July 13, 2016 CI16-3482 Ramon Sims 1526 Nebraska Ave. Toledo OH 43607 2012 Chevrolet Silverado VIN 1GCRKSE75CZ189067 July 18, 2016 CI16-3528 Lucas Bennett 5154 Newhart Cir. Toledo OH 43615 $486.00 CI16-3529 Michael Hibbler 2514 Scottwood Ave. Toledo OH 43610 $627.00 CI16-3530 Christopher Garth 1226 Alldays Ave. #1 Toledo OH 43607 $3,470.00 CI16-3531 Dominique Candie 2213 Elm St. Toledo OH 43608 $744.00 July 19, 2016 CI16-3547 Jamon Barnett aka Jamon Barnett-Johnson 1106 Woodward Ave. Toledo OH 43608 $157.00 July 21, 2016 CI16-3575 Shakur Shabaa 1562 Saddlebrook Ct. Toledo OH 43615 $380.00 CI16-3576 Percy Bogan 2817 D St. Toledo OH 43608 $270.00 CI16-3577 Mark Garrett 2803 Chase St. Toledo OH 43611 $4,200.00 August 3, 2016 CI16-3716 Mario Lensey 1750 Brownstone Blvd. #D Toledo OH 43614 Carly Weber 1750 Brownstone Blvd. Toledo OH 43614 $550.00 CI16-3717 Jamie Simpson 3159 Pomeroy St. Toledo OH 43608 $250.00 CI16-3720 Ulysses Wilkes 30666 Warren Rd. #D143 Westland MI 48185 $219.00 CI16-3718 Lamondre Gaston 125 Lake Shore Ave. Toledo OH 43609 $1,123.00 CI16-3719 Aubrey Sargent 3105 Navarre Ave. Toledo OH 43605 $340.00 CI16-3722 Terrell Mitchell 4524 Overland Pkwy. Toledo OH 43612 Amie Newman 4751 Violet Rd. Apt. #4 Toledo OH 43623 Integrity Funding Ohio, LLC 84 Villa Rd. Greenville SC 29615 $152.00 2006 Chevrolet Monte Carlo VIN 2G1WK151669396227 CI16-3723 Anthony Hines 1920 Forest Ave. Toledo OH 43606 Hollywood Auto Sales 849 W. Central Ave. Toledo OH 43610 Tomeka Smith 1920 Forest Ave. Toledo OH 43606 $4,366.00 2005 Chevrolet Uplander VIN 1GNDV23L65D276565 2002 Ford F 350 VIN 1FTWW33F32EA65490 CI16-3725 James Redditt 1727 Nevada St. (rear) Toledo OH 43605 Emily Hayes 1036 Campbell St. Toledo OH 43607 Hollywood Auto Sales 849 W. Central Ave. Toledo OH 43610 $4,421.00 2004 Chevrolet Silverado VIN 1GCEK19T84Z197410 CI16-3727 Stanford Osley 1418 Yates St. Toledo OH 43608 $720.00 CI16-3728 Sherron Green 1115 Forest Ave. Toledo OH 43607 $165.00 CI16-3729 Mark Overton 1369 Grand Ave. Toledo OH 43606 $180.00 CI16-3731 Miguel Parcher 1260 Tecumseh St. Toledo OH 43607 $1,044.00 August 4, 2016 CI16-3739 Dennis Scott 737 Tecumseh St. Toledo OH 43607 $611.00 CI16-3740 Lashawn Crawford 3243 Wendover Dr. Toledo OH 43606 $337.00 CI16-3744 Kenyon Riley 744 Cithbert Rd. Toledo OH 43607 August 8, 2016 CI16-3790 Tony Perrin 1232 Buckingham St. Toledo OH 43607 $634.00 CI16-3792 Jamar Jones 1416 Moore St. Toledo OH 43608 $1,531.00 August 12, 2016 CI16-3850 Corrion Irby 2421 N. Detroit Ave. Toledo OH 43611 $299.00 CI16-3851 Alexander Williams 1806 Perth St. Toledo OH 43607 $183.00 CI16-3853 Bruce Chandler 2335 Warren St. Toledo OH 43620 $1,427.00 CI16-3854 Lanell Anderson 808 Tecumseh St. Toledo OH 43607 $870.00 CI16-3855 Manuel Ellison 645 Fernwood Ave. Toledo OH 43604 $516.00
CI16-3856 Marcus Jordan 1159 Buckingham St. Toledo OH 43607 $186.00 CI16-3857 Terry Stevens 809 Greenwood Ave. Toledo OH 43605 $144.00 August 17, 2016 CI16-3902 Antuan Zimmerman 3271 N. Detroit Ave. Toledo OH 43610 $664.00 CI16-3903 William Carr 6294 Greenwycke Livonia MI 48161 $618.00 CI16-3904 Dal Frais 2516 Fulton St. Toledo OH 43610 $722.00 CI16-3905 Jerry Braswell 4245 North Haven Ave. Toledo OH 43612 $163.00 CI16-3906 Patrick Bennett 803 Chestnut St. Liberty Center OH 43532 $380.00 CI16-3908 Ronald Thompson 361 Rockingham St. Toledo OH 43610 $212.00 CI16-3909 Tobin Triplett 424 Boston Pl. Toledo OH 43610 $370.00 CI16-3910 Tyren Byrd 1511 Vance St. Toledo OH 43607 $80.00 CI16-3911 Steven Graves 833 Blum St. Toledo OH 43607 $194.00 CI16-3913 Lionel Anderson 1464 Vance St. Toledo OH 43607 $971.00 CI16-3914 Lewis Legree 1038 Forsythe St. Toledo OH 43605 $535.00 CI16-3915 Michael Warren 105 17th St. Toledo OH 43604 $311.00 CI16-3916 Keishawn Harris 713 Acton Dr. Toledo OH 43615 $282.00 CI16-3917 Adam Klocinski 319 N. Holland-Sylvania Rd. Toledo OH 43615 Phillip Klocinski 6249 Calla Ln. Toledo OH 43615 2000 Honda Accord VIN 1HGCG5673YA081092 $133,433.00 CI16-3918 Steven Northrup 253 Poinsetta Ave. Toledo OH 43612 Jessica Hanes 253 Poinsetta Ave. Toledo OH 43612 2003 Ford Taurus VIN 1FAFP55U83A127050 $44,294.00 CI16-3919 Stephen Kimble 1003 Paxton St. Toledo OH 43608 $354.00 August 19, 2016 CI 16-3944 Troy Murphy 2825 Mulberry St. Toledo OH 43608 2001 Chevrolet Suburban VIN 1GNFK16T4J202029 CI 16-3945 Anthony Porter Gloria Wakefield 3712 Jackman Rd. Toledo OH 43612 $17,562.00 2007 Chevrolet Tahoe VIN 1GNFK1309R135111 CI 16-3947 Ternel Smith 619 Ashwood Ave. Toledo OH 43620 $1,215.00 CI 16-3948 Kevin Morgan Rachelle Morgan 505 Potter St. Toledo OH 43605 $3,009.00 CI 16-3982 August 23, 2016 Gerald McNeal 546 E. Hudson St. Toledo OH 43608 $1,116.00 CI 16-3989 Marquita Wells 2838 Upton Ave. Toledo OH 43606 $512.00 CI 16-3990 James Brown 26091 Janet Ct. Roseville MI 48066 $22,605.00 CI 16-3991 Charmaine Bassett-Trimm 4603 Kelly St., Toledo OH 43623 $619.15 CI 16-3992 Duane Williams 1366 W. Woodruff Ave. Toledo OH 43606 $1,015.00 2001 GMC Yukon VIN 1GKFK66U71J175573 CI 16-3993 Alyssa Hines 489 Vine St. Chillicothe OH 45601 Sara Dresbach 29145 Old Route 35 E Chillicothe OH 45601 $430.00 2011 Chevrolet Cruze VIN 1G1PG5S91B7177159 CI 16-3993 Keith Bruster 2428 Tremainsville Rd. Apt. 12A Toledo OH 43612 $879.00
The State of Ohio has brought civil suit against you by filing complaints on the dates indicated. The relief demanded in each case is forfeiture of the listed property as either contraband, proceeds derived from or acquired through the commission of an offense, or an instrumentality that is used in the commission of an offense pursuant to R.C. 2981.05. Failure to respond as require by the Ohio Rules of Civil Procedure within the time stated therein may result in judgment by default being rendered against you.

Julia R. Bates
Prosecuting Attorney
Lucas County, Ohio

Jennifer M. Lambdin
Assistant Prosecuting Attorney

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TO: Auera R. Robinson 3355 W.
Category: NOTICES

Description: TO: Auera R. Robinson
3355 W. Alexis Rd., Apt. A9
Toledo, OH 43623
In the Matter of:
Auera R. Robinson, MA-C
On May 19, 2016, the Ohio Board of Nursing issued a Notice of Automatic Suspension and Opportunity for Hearing (Notice) to Ms. Robinson, mailed on May 20, 2016, via certified mail, to her last known address of record, 3355 W. Alexis Rd., Apt. A9, Toledo, OH 43623. The Notice was returned marked “Return to Sender, Not Deliverable as Addressed.” The Notice states that the Board intends to consider disciplinary action against Ms. Robinson’s medication aide certificate based on her violation of the terms of a Consent Agreement, which is grounds for disciplinary action pursuant to §4723.28(B)(17), ORC. Ms. Robinson is notified that her medication aide certificate, MA-C-000364, is suspended. Ms. Robinson is entitled to a hearing in this matter if it is requested within 30 days of the last date of publication of this Notice. She may appear at hearing in person, by her attorney or by another representative permitted to practice before the Board, or she may present her position, arguments or contentions in writing. At the hearing, she may present evidence and examine witnesses appearing for or against her.
Any questions or correspondence should be addressed to:
Lisa Ferguson Ramos
Compliance Unit Manager
17 S. High Street, Suite 400
Columbus, OH 43215-7410

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Toledo City Council has received an
Category: NOTICES

Description: Toledo City Council has received an application for a new Outdoor Refreshment Area for a specified area of Downtown Toledo, that area bounded by Erie Street to the west, Adams Street to the north, Summit Street to the east and Lafayette Street to the south. Notice is given that the application is available for inspection in the Clerk’s office during regular business hours at One Government Center, Suite 2140, Toledo, Ohio 43604. A public meeting will be held on Monday, September 19, 2016 at 4:00 PM, One Government Center, Council Chambers.

Gerald E. Dendinger
Clerk of Council

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Category: NOTICES

Send Messages FREE!
(419) 873-1200 Free Code 3167, 18+

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SEXY LOCAL MEN 4 MEN Browse & Reply
Category: NOTICES

Description: SEXY LOCAL MEN 4 MEN
Browse & Reply FREE!
(419) 873-3000. Free Code 3168, 18+

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Category: NOTICES

OR 800-926-6000 *18+

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State of Ohio Public Bid DMH-160010
Category: NOTICES

Description: State of Ohio
Public Bid

Air Handler Unit Replacement
Ohio Department of Mental Health
[Northwest Ohio Psychiatric Hospital]

Bids Due: 1:00 P.M. local time, September 7, 2016; at Northwest Ohio Psychiatric Hospital, c/o Karon Price, 930 South Detroit Avenue, Toledo, Ohio 43614.

EDGE Participation Goal:
5% of contract
Domestic steel use is required
per ORC 153.011.

Mechanical Trades Contract

Pre-bid Meeting: August 24, 2016, 10:00 a.m., Northwest Ohio Psychiatric Hospital, Toledo, Ohio.

Bid Documents: Available for purchase from Becker Impressions, 4646 Angola Road, Toledo OH 43615, Phone - 419-385-5303, contact: Patrick, at the non-refundable cost of $75 per set, plus shipping, if requested.

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